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CROSS cooperates with CTU

CROSS Zlín and the Faculty of Transportation Sciences at the Czech Technical University in Prague, launched in January the long awaited mutual cooperation in the fields of teaching and research. This collaboration is intended to enable access to the university and its students to modern technology for monitoring and managing traffic, thereby supporting their practical training. It also has become a particular forum for sharing years of experience with specialized companies and future traffic engineers.

"We believe that our cooperation with the transport faculty will contribute to the further improvement of teaching and also prepare future transport experts and at the same time we hope that we will even meet some of them in the future in our work teams", said Ing. Tomas Jurik, director of CROSS Zlín, revealing his motivation.

The preparation of experts in various fields of activity is now in the Czech Republic a very current topic. Not surprisingly, there is a return to the tried and tested model, where companies work closely with selected schools and universities to assist both in the practical field as well as in professional expertise. The Faculty of Transportation Sciences at CTU has long been cooperating with Czech and foreign companies whose experts are involved in teaching or the have become theses consultants.

"We are pleased that CROSS Zlín has become our partner, a company that is today a leader not only in Europe but also on the world stage in the field of transport technologies. I believe that students will appreciate the advanced products that CROSS is developing and that many of them will be able to participate in the development of new technologies of the company," said the Dean of the Faculty of Transportation, prof. Dr. Ing. Miroslav Svítek.

CROSS will offer the faculty suggestions on research and development topics that students may subsequently process in the framework of long-term project-based learning, bachelor or master thesis. The cooperation will also include student internships in the parent plant in Zlín, as well as technological equipment for the research department of the faculty.

CTU is one of the oldest and largest technical universities in Europe. The Faculty of Transportation is one of the few faculties in the world which boasts a comprehensive accreditation program teaching intelligent transport systems (ITS). Part of the Faculty are unique scientific research sites where classroom projects are undergone. They include, for example, laboratory management and traffic modelling, laboratory fare collection and information systems in public transport or laboratory interactive driving simulators.


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