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CROSS is a certified partner of Nedap

CROSS Zlín and a Dutch company Nedap established a partnership for business cooperation in the field of wireless car detection. Both companies are currently finalising the first joint project for intelligent parking in the Turkish city of Izmir.

2000 parking spaces in the Izmir city centre have been equipped with Sensit wireless sensors which are connected to the Invipo platform for smart cities. This platform brought the main price of innovation in the Intertraffic Amsterdam exhibition to the CROSS company last year. Ten years ago the Nedap's Sensit system achieved a similar success by gaining the price for innovation in parking in the very same exhibition.

Wireless sensor Sensit from the Nedap company allows to detect free parking spaces and to send the information about parking spaces occupation to the Invipo server. The system then allows to monitor the total time of parking and overtime parking, it helps to navigate into free parking spaces and also to prepare overviews and statistics about parking zones usage.

„These days we are finishing a very extensive project with Nedap and we believe that the joint realisation in Izmir will start our long-term cooperation on next commissions not only in Europe,“  said the Executive director and co-owner of CROSS company Mr Thomas Juřík. According to Juřík, the company is also creating a mobile application for drivers that will give them updates about free parking space.

The Dutch company Nedap established 1929 is a multinational technological leader with a diverse portfolio, from development to delivery of complex solutions. The company operates in areas of traffic counting, intelligent parking systems, security, health care, retail, and plenty of other fields. More about Nedap here.

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