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InVipo at the conference of Smart Cities and the sustainable development

On September 13th, a conference called Smart cities and the sustainable development 2016 took place in the Conference centre of Hotel Olšanka. The event dealt with the Smart Cities projects in the Czech republic, the technologies and services for Smart Cities and the ecosystems for the sustainable development of the intelligent cities.


Libor Sušil, the marketing director of the CROSS company, contributed with an entry Invipo and the reality of Smart Cities. The participants of the conference had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with certain projects and installations of the InVipo platform which gained the main award on the prestigious Intertraffic 2016 fair in Amsterdam.


The cities which support the Smart City concept try to use the modern technologies for to increase their prosperity, the efficiency of inner city infrastructure, and to improveme the lives of their inhabitants. It includes almost everything from the more efficient electronic communication and the open access to the information, through the traffic control, modern networks and the distribution of energies and water, through the environment quality monitoring, to the smart buildings and more capable city administration and municipal companies. InVipo is unique with its ability to link all the technological systems and due to its intelligent software, it provides the cities and urban areas with a complex platform ensuring the smart city control, the data gathering, its evaluation and final proposal for an optimal solution.

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