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Izmir with a population of around four million, is the westernmost and the third largest city of Turkey. Although it is one of the oldest towns in the Mediterranean (with the Greek name Smyrna founded in the third millennium b.c) it is very modern and a constantly developing city around the Aegean Sea. Due to its demographic position it is influenced by European culture, which is also reflected in its development in the transport sector.


2014 saw the implementation of the important and in its large size unusual ITS project worth about 20 million euros (about 0.55 billion CZK), whose realization is fully ensured by the consortium of the Czech companies CROSS Zlín and AŽD Praha. This project includes the supply and installation of infrastructure in the areas of traffic lights, detection and monitoring traffic, optimization of public transport, offense detection in parking systems and road meteorology. In terms of numbers, it is about supplying the city with traffic light controllers, and the OCIT transport headquarters eDaptiva for more than 400 intersections monitoring system which reads more than 100 CCTV cameras, the system detects the passing of red lights, crossing the speed limit and the maximum permitted dimensions of vehicles, or bad parking at about 250 observed points, detecting congestion on the main roads of the city (more than 100 measuring points), a network of 30 road weather stations, parking navigation systems via variable message signs (60 guidance VMS), placing near to 50 large VMS to inform drivers about the current traffic situation including arrival times and finally building a new, fully equipped control center, including monitoring and control system based on the ITS platform InVipo


The pilot phase of the project, including verification of the functionality of individual systems took place in the first half of 2015, when the customer was mainly interested in the quality and results of the monitoring of wrong parking in the crowded streets of the city, which CROSS prepared in a very short development time, and which was officially introduced as the new product portfolio CROSS in ITS largest exhibition Intertraffic 2016 in Amsterdam and other customers where complexity and visualization platforms provided InVipo the prestigious award.


The project is currently underway and everything is being prepared for the project’s completion in mid 2017. The benefits of CROSS technology can be seen in the everyday lives of Turks, who save tens of minutes on their daily journey to work. In completed areas of the city the result show a shortening of travel time on average between 30-65%. An example can be seen with the very busy main access road between the city center and the airport, with the operation of more than 100,000 vehicles per day, the system can control intersections to save around 53% of driving time compared to the original system, which specifically accounted for a 23 minute trip one way during the afternoon peak and 36% of driving time (10 min) during off-peak workday. At the same time drivers are shown current data regarding arrival times on the traffic information boards, which has a positive effect on the stressed hotheaded Turkish drivers and generally leads to greater fluidity of traffic flow.


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