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CROSS Zlin, a.s. has more than 20 years of experience in the field of smart traffic infrastructure and ITS. CROSS capabilities include development, manufacturing, delivery, installation, system integration, and maintenance of top technological components. CROSS is one of the biggest Czech-owned companies in the field of developing and production of traffic technology. All products (hardware and software) are developed and produced in-house.

The company product lines cover a wide range of road traffic technologies. They include traffic control products, traffic detection and weigh-in- motion technologies, road weather and winter maintenance support systems, traffic violation systems, and finally pro-export oriented parking and payment systems.

CROSS is a well-established and steadily growing private company. It is 100% Czech-owned, and has been profitable every year since 1994.


To see our technology and products deployed worldwide and to help our clients and customers fulfil their goals, while making traffic and transportation smoother, safer, and more sustainable.


To be at the forefront of innovative road traffic technologies development, while serving our clients and customers with the highest level of care and flexibility.

CROSS Historical Milestones

Foundation of the company
CROSS Zlín, a.s.
Certification of the first generation of the traffic light controller CROSS RS 1
Exporting to Slovakia
Serial production of traffic light controllers 
Serial production of traffic light controllers 
CROSS branch office in Prague
Certification according the ISO 9001 quality system
 – second generation of traffic light controller 
Automatic traffic counter CROSS ASD 3
Automatic barrier as the first part of parking system
Road weather station CrossMet
Automatic parking system CrossPark with entry and exit terminals
Road weather information system METIS
Automatic payment machine as the first part of parking system
Exporting to EU countries
Winter Maintenance Index
introduction; cooperation with Czech road authorities
One of key partners of KAPSCH in building and servicing the electronic toll collection system in the Czech Republic
Certification according the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality system certificates
third generation of traffic light controller
Weigh-in-Motion system CrossWIM
CROSS branch office for service in Velke Mezirici
SSWM support system for winter maintenance
More than 500 traffic controllers and more than 220 road weather stations are in operation
New generation of parking system CrossPark
fourth generation of traffic light
Weigh-in-Motion system CrossWIM certified for direct enforcement (the very first in the Czech Republic and EU)
certified for the German market
Exporting to Asia
New production facilities and a center for service and supervision
Payment terminal for municipal authorities CROSS CityPoint
Exporting to Middle East and Africa
CROSS branch office in Zagreb
Exporting to USA, Japan and Russia
Expanding export territories – South America
Branch offices in São Paulo
40 traffic controllers and full adaptive control system for Sochi as Olympic city 2014
Integration and visualization platform Invipo™
Intelligent transportation system İZMIR (first stage)
system for detection of offenses
is Intertraffic Innovation Award overall winner
Finalization of a complex ITS project in Turkish Izmir
OptiWIM is the Intertraffic Amsterdam Innovation Award winner in the Infrastructure category.
New product OptiWIM

monitoring desk

All CROSS systems and technology in operation are under constant monitoring by an in-house supervisory center, located in the company headquarters. The center provides operators 24/7/365.



CROSS provides a wide range of services. In addition to device servicing, regular and preventive maintenance of its own products and systems, CROSS also offers traffic‑engineering design and other specialized engineering activities. The high qualification of CROSS engineers means it is possible for us to be involved in specific national or international projects and development activities.


For the management of non-standard situations and system defects, CROSS operates a ticketing system for customer communication and for status monitoring of reported events. Troubleshooting, as well as the provision of professional advice is the responsibility of a team of trained specialists.



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