Information boards in Zlín

At the start of 2016 eight information boards were launched in Zlín, which inform drivers about travel time it will take to get their destinations in different parts of the city and in selected cases also suggest alternative routes. These installations are the next stage in a long-term project within the concept of Smart City, which, together with the city of Zlín, is being built by CROSS.

For the traffic monitoring and evaluating its intensity serves a total of 21 detectors with CROSS Bluetooth Travel Timetechnology, which are located on the main roads of the city and, where possible, are integrated within the traffic signal controllers. The information from these detectors are available to citizens and visitors to the city already since 2014 on the internet cities through the platform Invipo. This serves as an umbrella system for monitoring and controlling traffic in the city, not only for the needs of the traffic control center, but also, for example, components of the integrated rescue system, selected departments of the Municipal Authority and last but not least the citizens. The whole system is now being expanded with another information channel, which brings the data to drivers directly on the road.

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