A successful installation of the CrossPark parking system at the airport in Mošnov

CrossPark parking systems are beginning to show their strength inherent in new technologies that improve the entire parking system. A proof of advanced technology is also the victory of CROSS in a public tender worth 8.5 milion crowns for the Mošnov Ostrava airport.


On four parking spaces at the airport and a newly built car park in front of the departure hall CROSS now has four fully equipped CROSS APTM payment terminals and a credit card exit terminal, 8 CROSS PT entry terminals, 10 CROSS VT exit terminals. The system is also supplemented by reading the licence plates of vehicles to expedite exit clearance. The whole solution works on a central control server, which also includes a backup system in case of a failure.


CrossPark is not just a payment machine with terminals. CrossPark's brain boasts, for example, Booking, which is certainly welcomed by travel agents and their customers. This allows you to generate time-limited parking cards with QR codes, which travel agencies can then offer to tourists and facilitate their parking directly at the airport. The parking card itself can take the form of a paper coupon or be delivered only electronically, eg to a mobile phone. The entryl and exit terminals are equipped with external scanners, where you can just attach the QR code of the respective parking card, whether printed or displayed on the phone screen. This will greatly facilitate and speed up the check-in at the entrance or exit of the parking lot. However, booking can be much wider.

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