CROSS Zlín won in innovative technologies during Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016

CROSS Zlín as the first Czech company in history has won a prestigious award for innovative technology at Intertraffic 2016 in Amsterdam. The Invipo product, a software solution for Smart City, won the main prize of Intertraffic Innovation Awards 2016 and also dominated the category of Smart Mobility.

"Our Invipo won from more than ninety nominees, which we consider a great success. It also suggests that the product is among the top software solutions that fully respects and supports the concept of Smart City, allowing to not only fulfill the vision of smart mobility, but the smart city as a whole," said Ing. Tomas Jurik, director of the company.

Invipo impressed the jury because it turns the concept of Smart City into reality by integrating a variety of data, including the intensity of traffic, parking options, arrival times, weather or even closures into one user-friendly web platform. InVipo is able to collect data, for example from management systems of intersections, public transport, parking areas, CCTV systems, monitoring systems of traffic intensity, and also from city services and other urban information systems. The output results in overviews, statistics and reports on traffic conditions, it can be used as a tool for influencing and directing traffic, and it can also be used as internet and mobile applications for drivers and the general public. In the same way Invipo can offer insights and information from other areas of city life, such as culture and sports.

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