CrossPark in extreme conditions

During December operation started of CrossPark system at the highest located guarded car park in the Czech Republic. Specifically, it is the installation of the CrossPark in Pustevny in Moravskoslezské Beskydy, located at an altitude of 1020 m.

The Moravian-Silesian Beskydy mountains and their mountain resorts belong in the winter to the most demanding not only in  Czech and Moravia but also in Central Europe. Very low temperatures, high precipitation intensity and extreme wind power are the test of all technologies that are in place. This is also the case with our CrossPark system, which is installed in Pustevny in full assembly, including a barrier and a self-service payment terminal.

Another interesting "mountain" realization is the recent installation of the CrossPark system near the natural monument Pulcin Rocks in the village of Francova Lhota. This is hidden in the hills of the Javorniky mountains, and in terms of weather it brings very diverse conditions including extreme fluctuations over very short periods of time. The CrossPark system is in a cost-effective single barrier and CROSS APTL payment machine with the possibility to pay parking directly from the vehicle at the entry to the car park.

Installing of CrossPark in Pustevny or in Pulcin Rocks are by no means the most extreme realizations of CROSS company. For example, our northern most parking system can be found in the Russian Azimut Hotel in Murmansk. It is far beyond the polar circle in the subarctic region, where temperatures are low for most of the year and in winter reach often the extreme temperatures around -30 ° C. The CrossPark system is passively insulated and also has active heating controlled by a internal thermostat.

The opposite extreme is our realization in African Ghana, where average annual temperatures are around +30 ° C and there is also relatively high humidity around 80% year-round.

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