CrossWIM in Dubai

CROSS can now newly boast about the realization of a weigh in motion system in the United Arab Emirates, specifically on the motorway into Dubai city. Realization was finished this summer and it is the first dynamic high-speed weighing system installed in this country.

CrossWim system is installed here in configuration for vehicle weight measurement with an accuracy of 95%, also for height measurement, license plate recognition and traffic data collection, this serves to get experience with the Weigh-In-Motion technology. CrossWIM will be used for direct enforcement in the future, on the condition that appropriate legislation is adapted.

This installation is additionally supplemented by the Invipo platform, which allows monitoring of more systems in one place, connects them and gathers data about offences and other information. Based on this, the Invipo platform is able to start the smart screenplays. For example, police could insert the registration mark of stolen vehicles and the system will send them notification once its passage is recognized.  




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