Czech Republic is a pioneer country in direct enforcement

The company CROSS Zlín, a.s. as the first in the Czech Republic and the European Union in 2011 installed and certified a weighing system for high speed direct enforcement. This position was  kept by the  Czech Republic for four years,  until 2015, when this type of station was also introduced in Russia. It still applies, that the Czech Republic and the weigh-in-motion system CrossWIM is a precedent and an example for many other countries in the world. Thanks to this, CROSS will submit its experiences from this system operation at the ITS World Congress in Montreal which takes place from 29.10 to 2.11.2017.

"A legal standard supporting the possibility of direct enforcement of overloaded vehicles based on weighed results from high-speed measurement was in the Czech Republic accepted as first in the world.

Currently, the dynamic weights with automatic direct enforcement have been installed in two locations on higways in the Czech Republic, first in Velke Mezirici and second in Kolin. Here the weighing system has served for years and has successfully penalized  overloaded vehicles.  Next realizations are in progress.

Thanks to automatic ticketing there was a substantial improvement in enforcement and prosecution of offenders. Furthermore, protection of roads from overloaded vehicle damage was achieved. This dramatically increases the lifespan of roads and leads to a significant savings on repairs.



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