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At this year's international SIRWEC Road Meteorology Conference, held in early June in Smolenice in Slovakia, news that will soon increase road safety was introduced. One of the largest was the 2DRoad innovative road weather camera by the Swedish company MetSense, the only one that can monitor the entire width of the road or the new CrossMet meteorological controller.


Reliable data and a complete road map

The 2DRoad camera attracted large interest at the conference. This innovative weather camera can scan an area of up to 6x6 meters with a resolution of 4096 points. Reliably, it will determine the state of the road across its width using seven different categories, from wet, through to snow and slush, to various kinds of ice. Thanks to thousands of sensing points, it is also possible to detect where the traffic on the road is risky, whether it is at the  roadside, the centre of the road or a recess in the rails. Such a view of the road is much more efficient and more accurate, and it is particularly appreciated by the road maintenance.

First installations in the Czech Republic

At the Slovak conference, meteorological sensors, road traffic management, progress in weather forecasts, new approaches to road weather systems, winter maintenance and other topics were debated. The Swedish company MetSense introduced the technology 2DRoad. "We have three installations in the Czech Republic and their results have exceeded expectations. 2DRoad can also recognize the so-called black ice, that poses the greatest hazards to the driver, "said Jörgen Bogren from MetSense.

Innovated design and software

Although the 2DRoad was introduced earlier, this year brought significant changes. In addition to redesign, the software has also been improved. A great advantage of this solution is that the data is processed in the cloud outside of the device and the evaluation algorithm can be continually updated and updated independently of the weather camera. Exclusive representation in the Central European region for the installation and operation of this hi-tech meteorological camera is provided by CROSS Zlín.

New Meteorological Control Unit

CROSS has presented its new control unit and data logger called CrossMet V4 at the SIRWEC conference. It is a key part of a road weather station that provides data processing from connected sensors for winter road maintenance, including issuing an early warning of dangerous situations such as frost, intense rain, mist or strong winds. Its great advantage is that it operates on an open platform, so it is independent of meteorological data measurement technology and is compatible with sensors from different manufacturers.

A sophisticated Czech winter maintenance system

For visualization and monitoring of meteorological data serves the unique online information system METIS 4 and its additional modules also developed by the CROSS Zlín company. The Czech Republic, which has been using this system since 2003, is one of the world's leaders in this field. At the SIRWEC international conference a case study from the Czech Republic was presented, where the METIS system evaluates data from 600 meteorological stations and 500 cameras.

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