Success stories

It was one big adventure since the beginning. CROSS as a new young company brought its first own developed traffic light controller RS 1 to be certified by the Czech Ministry of Transport in 1994. Nobody believed we would pass… but we did! From that moment long time ago, CROSS controllers began their successful journey up to their current fourth generation that is considered one of the most powerful traffic light controllers in Europe. In 2011 we have achieved TÜV certification valid also in Germany and Austria and complying with all the safety and performance standards as required by strict interpretation of EN 12675 norm.

Just one example: back in 2000 the city of Brno (second largest in the Czech Republic) was one-color from the traffic lights point of view. Only historical controllers and equipment of one very well-known brand name were installed in each and every intersection in the city. The CROSS RS 2 controller was introduced and ever since the invasion continued.

Resulting now in more than 60 intersections equipped with CROSS controllers, most of them featuring public transport preference, and that is almost 50 % of the total number in the urban area.

Traffic Control

CROSS as the leading independent manufacturer of traffic light controllers has delivered more than 550 controllers in the period 1995–2012. Intersections in operation with CROSS controllers have been put into operation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Romania, Greece.

Important projects

  • Brno (Czech Republic) – 65 intersections
  • Zlín (Czech Republic) – 43 intersections
  • Ostrava (Czech Republic) – 40 intersections
  • Písek (Czech Republic) – 12 intersections
  • Jihlava (Czech Republic) – 12 intersections
  • Opava (Czech Republic) – 12 intersections
  • Beroun (Czech Republic) – 10 intersections
  • Jindřichův Hradec (Czech Republic) – 5 intersections
  • Nitra (Slovakia) – 10 intersections
  • Liptovský Mikuláš (Slovakia) – 4 intersections
  • Čadca (Slovakia) – 4 intersections
  • Michalovce (Slovakia) – 3 intersections
  • Pezinok (Slovakia) – 4 intersections
  • Žilina (Slovakia) – 5 intersections
  • Žiar nad Hronom (Slovakia) – 5 intersections
  • Zvolen (Slovakia) – 3 intersections
  • Poprad (Slovakia) – 3 intersections