CROSS InVipo is web-based visualization platform for monitoring a status of CROSS hardware equipment and software components. Using InVipo system administrators and technical support can easily identify HW or SW problem that has occurred on the equipment. InVipo can be used to monitor most of the CROSS products and systems.

InVipo allows custom configuration of screens with maps with visualization of systems status. In case error or warning is detected, alert symbol with text description is displayed on the map.

The equipment is connected to InVipo using HTTP protocol. Based on InVipo request, each device sends status description as response. Data are transferred using simple text record (JSON). Most of CROSS products / systems are ready for integration with InVipo platform and their status can be visualized online without any extra effort.

CROSS InVipo is very flexible and can do much more. It is clever platform which can be adapted to any specific visualization task. InVipo can easily support any data protocol and is already DATEX II ready.

Key Features:

  • Web-based architecture
  • Most of CROSS products / systems supported
  • Easy customization (background image / map, font, colors, symbols)
  • Flexible protocol, easy to connect new devices by HTTP protocol
  • Runs in standard web browser, no special SW installation required


Price request / More information

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