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2DRoad and MetSalt, new weapons for winter road maintenance

CROSS Zlín has signed an exclusive partnership with the Swedish company MetSense. In the Central European region, it has acquired exclusive representation for the installation and operation of the 2DRoad meteorological camera and other MetSense products.

State-of-the-art road monitoring: MetSense

Innovative MetSense technology brings a revolutionary way of road scanning and offers a completely new two-dimensional view of the road surface and its properties. The camera can scan the area of ​​the road up to 6 x 6 meters. Compared to other non-intrusive sensors that measure only one point, 2DRoad collects information from 4096 points at the same time. For each of these points, it can recognize up to seven surface types ranging from dry roads to various types of ice.

Installations in the Czech Republic

"We have several installations in the Czech Republic that we test and the results are great. 2DRoad can also recognize the so-called black ice, that poses the greatest hazards to the driver, "said Jörgen Bogren from MetSense.

A great advantage of 2DRoad is that the data is processed in the cloud outside of the device and the evaluation algorithm can be continually updated and updated independently of the weather camera.

For more information about 2DRoad please click here

MetSalt active road surface condition sensor

MetSalt is a new and unique road sensor for precise road surface temperature measurement and accurate freezing point detection.

The sensor is built into a roadway, which  continuously measures the road temperature. Its precise freezing point detection is possible thanks to the method of active cooling and reheating of the road surface.

Its smart design allows surface temperature to be measured directly on its surface, and it is also equipped with an external probe, which can  measure according to the method of installation the surface temperature around the sensor or temperature in road depth.

This measurement procedure is independent of the type of chemical spreading material used by road maintenance.

Precise information on the freezing point is indispensable for the winter maintenance dispatchers. Thanks to this information, they can reliably evaluate whether the maintenance has been sufficient enough or needs further spreading.

MetSalt combined with 2DRoad, provides an unmatched and comprehensive overview of the road surface.

For more information about MetSalt plese click here.

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