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CROSS Zlín attended the prestigious ICWIM 8 conference

ICWIM (International Conference on Weigh-In-Motion) is a prestigious international conference dedicated to the weighing of vehicles on the road, where the world leaders in this field take part. The event is organized by ISWIM, Switzerland, which brings together developers, transport experts and road technology manufacturers. After Dallas, Brazil's Foz do Iguaçu and other cities, this year's 8th Conference was hosted in Prague. Of course, CROSS could not miss it as a leading manufacturer of weighing technology.


Expert lectures and workshops from all areas of weigh-in-motion took place in the pleasant atmosphere of the Olšanka Hotel from May 19th to 23rd. Topics ranged from experience in individual installations, through integration into legislation, to administration and use of WIM data. The main program included a lecture by CROSS director Tomáš Juřík, who personally introduced the newly certified OptiWIM system, which is the only technology in the world to use optical fiber technology for dynamic weighing of vehicles.


“Weighing vehicles while driving is a technology that has been available for many years. In the Czech Republic we have been operating it for 15 years, and since 2011 we have been the first country in the world to use it for direct fining. However, we are still waiting for its wider expansion within our road network, but we believe that in the near future we may follow neighboring Hungary, where our system uses 150 WIM stations, ”said Tomáš Juřík, CROSS Zlín Director. CROSS being Zlín’s manufacturer of road transport technology that holds a patented dynamic fiber weighing technology.


When a vehicle is driven over special sensors embedded in the roadway, the optical fiber is loaded, allowing the vehicle to be weighed across the width of the road independently of the actual wheel position during crossing. Visitors could convince themselves of the capabilities of the facility during the accompanying program at the CROSS stand.


In addition to weighing at all points on the road, OptiWIM offers even more new features and advantages. In addition to the axle load, sensors can also obtain information such as the presence of dual tires, vehicle width data and, for example, detect underinflated tires. The new technology also offers the highest possible weighing accuracy. The accuracy of OptiWIM is confirmed by the certificate of the Czech Metrology Institute.


The new technology has earned interest at the conference. CROSS is already recording demand from around the world and the facility should be put into full operation this year.

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