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CrossPark will allow its users to find their parked vehicles

Marking management has never been more effective. The variable and universal CrossPark parking system has another optional extension, that is, special units of parking cameras with a system of automatic number-place recognition.




Cameras instead of sensors

The camera system for detection of occupancy rate combined with information boards make parking lot navigation easier. The current solution meant that every parking place needed to have ultrasound or optical sensors installed. These sensors can now be replaced by camera units that monitor four parking places at the same time. “Cameras replacing the sensors have other key benefits; they can be used to identify license plates or monitor the current situation at a particular parking place,” said Libor Sušil, Marketing Manager of CROSS.

Find My Car

The Find My Car feature allows the clients to quickly find the position of the parked car by putting the license plate number into the payment terminal. When the car is found, a sensor on the closest camera unit will start blinking, the way to the car can also be lightened in larger parking lots. The new feature will be appreciated by both the owners of indoor parking lots and the visitors themselves – the drivers. The feature gives accurate information of the capacity available and leads the clients right to available parking places.

Higher safety in the parking lot

Apart from finding the car, the new technology also secures higher safety in the parking structure. The parked car is observed by the camera at all times and the technology has software for the automatic detection of bad parking, accidents or the triggering of a car alarm.

The system can be completed with a classification of cars for e.g. a place reservation for a particular license plate, VIP places, a database of residents for free parking and other upgrade features.

Unique technical solution

The camera unit is placed on a console beneath the ceiling of the parking lot. Apart from the algorithms for non-standard situations, it also works as a security camera with continuous video recording. The unit has two specially designed cameras and diode signaling with seven color options. One unit’s consumption is only 3 W and the equipment meets the IP65 Protection Standard.

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