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Modern parking in Norway

CROSS has delivered four payment terminals CROSS APTM to Norway this year. They currently control 2000 parking places in four locations. Two terminals are located in Bergen; the remaining two are in the towns of Haugesund and Sandnes south of Bergen.

All locations are barrier-free with video cameras for licence plate recognition. The parking fee can be paid by four following payment methods:

Payment terminal – in a standard way on our newest terminal CROSS APTM, a robust device with a touch screen. You simply enter your licence plate details and then you pay by credit card.

Mobile application –  via freely available mobile application "Sesam Sesam" and by pairing an account with a credit card, it is possible to pay for the parking associated with given registration number in the form of direct debits. The system charges you automatically based on the time spent on the location according to the LPR cameras records.

Online payment – it is also possible to pay the fee directly on a website by credit card right after entering your licence plate details. This option is available for 48 hours after leaving the parking location.

Invoice payment - if none of the three options above is used, an invoice will be sent to the vehicle’s owner according to the details linked to the licence plate.

The absence of entry and exit terminals, as well as the absence of parking tickets, make this system modern, effective and ecological. So when you are in Norway someday, you can try the modern, simple and stress-free parking yourself. 

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