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The company product lines cover a wide range of road traffic technologies. They include traffic control products, traffic detection and weigh-in-motion technologies, road weather and winter maintenance support systems, traffic violation systems, and finally parking and payment systems.


CROSS – Road Traffic Technology

CROSS is focused on city projects and it fully supports Big Data and Smart City concepts with flagship products Invipo and CROSS Pavis. Smart City platform Invipo is overall winner of Intertraffic Innovation Award 2016.

CROSS – Road Traffic Technology

Wide range of product portfolio for ITS

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Road network – Intelligent traffic

Every driver aims to reach his destination safely, efficiently, and on time. The very same goal is also followed by the intelligent traffic systems (ITS), a modern technological solution that consists of four layers: identification (detectors), communication (suitable communication network), information (data processing) and application (information publication in a form of applications providing different services). This interconnected technological solution operates as a traffic nervous system.

For monitoring, detection and clarification of traffic, the CrossCount is used. It primarily utilises algorithms based on vehicle magnetic signature recognition with the module of Bluetooth detector expansion – the BTTT module for monitoring and evaluation of travel time reflecting the values acquired from Bluetooth devices in the cars of passing vehicles, which in return gather travel time information. The advantage of this solution is an immediate reaction of the whole system to potential problems and traffic jams.

Weight-in-motion protects roads against damage caused by overloaded trucks, and it saves money for roads repair and maintenance. CrossWIM is a cutting edge high-speed weigh-in-motion system. Its principal roles are traffic statistical data collection, pre-selection, and direct penalization of overloaded vehicles. In addition, the current version of Cross WIM systems can also measure speed and identify oversized vehicles.

The road weather systems provide monitoring and the meteorological conditions forecast on the roads and in urban areas. Their usage results in more effective winter maintenance, safer roads and costs saving.

The integration of individual technologies in traffic is covered by Invipo platform. This flexible and open platform integrates, evaluates and visualises data from individual technologies and makes the traffic intelligent.

Urban areas  – Smart city

A smart city is a city which uses digital, information and communication technologies for to improve the quality of life of the citizens. Smart city optimises traffic and parking spaces, it decreases the energy consumption efficiently and eliminates the environmental burden in the city. The functionality of an intelligent city relies on the principle of open concept for new ideas, the cooperation of functional systems, and data sharing for the public.

Systems of adaptive traffic control are intelligent structures customised for every given city and particular traffic situation. It enables the dispatcher control tools for every intersection and the activation of the public transport preferences with pre-set routes for emergency vehicles.

The drivers receive information about the travel time through the BTTT module, a detector for monitoring and evaluation of travel times and traffic flows based on values from Bluetooth devices inside the cars of passing vehicles. BTTT system reacts immediately to potential problems and traffic jams.

The automatic parking system CrossPark provides a sophisticated solution for off street and on street parking zones, parking lots, parking areas, car parks and garages. It comprises of a system for parking management and control including automatic payment devices. A system for parking violation detection Pavis helps to simplify and to increase the efficiency of parking cars monitoring in selected and defined zones such as No Parking/Waiting zones, or zones with a limited parking time. In case a special video camera detects a parking offence, the car's licence plate gets identified and documented which ameliorates the state of passage in the city.

The road weather systems for monitoring and meteorological forecast in the city constitute a complex solution for intelligent winter roads maintenance management. It optimises the cost for winter maintenance in the cities, and it takes care of the drivers and pedestrians safety.

All technologies are integrated into the Invipo platform, which connects everything together and makes the city smart. For instance, it enables the monitoring views and angles on more parking places at the same time, monitoring the city passability, meteorological conditions, and more.

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