Traffic Control

Modern techno­logy for adaptive traffic light control in urban areas including traffic light controller and urban traffic management center.

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Precise weigh-in-motion systems for single-lane and multi-lane free-flow, high speeds and low speeds. OEM version for system integrators.

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Traffic Detection

Modern systems for traffic counting and vehicle classification based on inductive loops and the Blue­tooth technology.

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Road Weather

Full range of systems and unique solutions for the most complex winter road main­tenance information support available on the market.

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Parking Systems

Technology and solutions for the off-street parking – barrier parking systems and software-indepen­dent automatic payment terminals.

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Payment Systems

Software-indepen­dent automatic payment terminals ready to be used in any type of application with cash and non-cash ways of payment.

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Intertraffic Innovation Award 2016-04-06

CROSS Zlín won in innovative technologies during Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016

CROSS Zlín as the first Czech company in history has won a prestigious award for innovative technology at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016. We are very proud of InVipo which won the main prize and also dominated the category of Smart Mobility.

IT2016 2016-03-10

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016 Invitation

We invite all business partners to the Intertraffic Amsterdam exhibition, 5th to 8th of April 2016. We will present our complete product portfolio and a number of innovations, including new InVipo integration platform.

CROSS PAVIS 2016-03-10

CROSS PAVIS, Parking Violation System

CROSS PAVIS is a system for the detection of illegal parking. It is used for simple and effective monitoring of parked cars in selected, precisely defined zones. It can effectively monitor areas of forbidden stopping or parking, or areas with a limited parking time.